Callum Mooney

Performance Maker In Residence

Oct 26 – 30


Does a Number Two

Jeppee Peppee is your one-stop-show for entertainment. This dynamic duo fuses their Contemporary dance, Physical Theatre and Hip Hop with comedic timing. This Physical Comedy Dance Theatre work Extravaganza, follows two not-so-bright characters as they attempt to put on a live show. After realising they haven’t written a new script since their first performance they upload a new show into their consciousness using the ‘Information Station Lobe Loader’ a.k.a. R.A.N.D. This work is filled layered with humour relevant to todays society and filled with explosive dance, mime, live music and all that goodness. Performed and created by Callum Mooney and Jess Goodfellow.


Callum Mooney

Callum Mooney has choreographed a number of contemporary dance-works, often collaborating with artists from different forms such as projection artwork and live instrumentalists. Callum has also performed as a dancer in productions by Chunky Move, Dancenorth, Stephanie Lake, Maxine Doyle, Marko Panzic, Candace Brown, Sarah Boulter and Stephen Tannos.
In 2017, Callum’s debut work ’Train of Thought’ premiered at Annandale Creative Arts Centre. It explored themes around social dysfunction in society and concepts around human’s use of technology, social media and materialism. It incorporated projection work, and an original soundscape that I created.
In 2018 and 2019, Callum created a solo work, ‘The Artist’s Mind’ in collaboration with a live percussionist. This physical theatre work had elements of mime and dance. It explored the life of a tortured artist battling for sanity. This work was subsequently accepted into the Sydney Fringe festival in 2019.
In 2019, Callum created ‘Cosmos’, which involved the exploration of human consciousness. His dance collective, ‘WeAreSOUND’ Dance Theatre performed in collaboration with projection artist Carla Zimbler and was shown as a part of ‘DirtyFeet’s’ ‘Out of the Studio.’
Callum has recently been working as a choreographer / creative director for music artists such as Macca.47, Friendless and Conor Britton.