Eliza Scott

Performance Maker In Residence

Dec 14 – 18



What if a birthday card held an entire life?

Pollon – is an interdisciplinary piece that explores resilience, memory and how we interpret our surroundings. It looks at the responsibility of remembering – when someone passes away, who becomes the custodian of their experiences?

Formulated from music, anecdotes and interviews with people who have experienced dementia and/or Alzheimer’s, Pollon is a work that uses pre-recorded audio; including dialogue, songs, instructions to connect participants to the memories we may have left behind.

It will invite the audience to intimately share moments relating to memory, and how we choose to perceive it. At the same time, it aims to imprint the central journey with the audience and bring emotional truths to the forefront – so that the sounds of the experience continue to resonate long after they have left the theatre.

This work investigates the lost ritual of memory. If our realities are being split into keepsakes, how do we continue to associate ourselves with who we are?

It is a piece with a big heart, that aims to connect generations and encourage the audience to consider their autonomy and bring an awareness about the choices they make.


Eliza Scott

Eliza Scott is a Sydney based actor, musician and theatre maker.They explore the synthesis of music, poetry and performance. Eliza is fascinated with how we choose to articulate and design ourselves. Through the use of a loop pedal, they combine melodious harmonies with the ugly contradiction of words to explore the boundaries of human interaction.Eliza aims to create work that pushes the boundaries of form, that brings something a little different to the senses.

In 2019 they performed in CHORUS dir Clemence Williams at the Old Fitz Theatre, performed and composed the music in Australian Debut of Homesick as the lead character, Sam, at the Old 505 Theatre, and performed in a successful run of original devised work The Lady or the Tiger at Bondi Feast.

In 2018, they appeared as ‘Her’ in KXT’s production of Two Hearts dir Jessica Arthur.

In 2017 Eliza played Charlotte in the Australian debut of Kate Tempest’s WASTED; dir Elsie Edgerton-Till, and wrote & performed in their one person show, Blackstrap Molasses at the Sydney Fringe.

Eliza is currently an Artslab Artist in Residence with Shopfront Arts Co-op.