Lily Hensby

Writer In Residence

Aug 31 – Sept 4

The Earth is Flat and Other Conspiracies

The Earth is Flat and Other Conspiracies follows Kai, a vlogger obsessed with conspiracy theories. He often jokes about how the government will kill him one day because of all the secrets he has uncovered but deep down he kind of knows they will. It won’t be long before Kai stumbles onto a conspiracy of his own making. Based on a twitter feed from @strayedaway, this new idea from Lily Hensby takes a look at how the internet is shaping our evolution.

Lily Hensby

Lily Hensby is a Wollongong/Sydney based actor, writer and director. Her work includes STALLS (ArtsLab, 2020), Pretty Fly for A Dead Guy (Shopfront, 2019), Central Plaza (UOW, 2019), D.O.A (UOW, 2019) & as a director The Magnificent, Terrible Hottie Avery by Tasnim Hossain (Shopfront, 2018). She has performed in Tom William Mitchell by Mark Rogers (MerrigongX, 2018) and Organs! by Nicole Pingon (Shopfront, 2018). In 2019, she was one of 14 writers selected nationally to participate in Writing Place SA for ATYP and Carclew SA. Pretty Fly for a Dead Guy is published with and her monologue This is Yours is published in This Was Urgent Yesterday by Currency Press. She holds an honours degree from the University of Wollongong in theatre/film directing and writing.

Resident Testimonial

Art in Isolation was, for me, a much-needed experience. After months and months of feeling worrisome about my future as an artist, the residency proved that even in times of hardship, us artists always prevail. Sydney Fringe created a welcoming, comfortable, and private space for me to work on a great, new idea that had been bubbling in my brain for two years. To receive the space and funding to see this project come to life was fantastic (and a total dream come true) and I wish to see other artists receive the same opportunities in the future. Art in terms of entertainment, which is what I do as a writer/creator of worlds, is and always will be needed for humankind and this year has only proven that more. I am so grateful for Sydney Fringe for believing in art and ensuring creators, like me, are supported.
– Lily Hensby