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The Sydney Fringe has something for everyone. We are a multi-disciplinary, multi-genre, 30 day event, which spans across Sydney each September. We are the place to see unique and on-the-pulse performance, of every variety.




What is The Sydney Fringe Festival?


The largest independent Arts Festival in NSW. Fringe is an open-access festival for theatre, comedy, music, dance and more.  Supporting emerging and unique venues, The Sydney Fringe. The Festival is helping bring back the cultural soul of Sydney.



Where is The Sydney Fringe Festival

The Sydney Fringe Festival takes place in the pop-up and existing venues and public spaces all over the greater Sydney area from, the Inner west to Sydney’s CBD down to Hurstville and across to Western Sydney. Discover all our precincts and venues and explore your city in your way.



When is The Sydney Fringe Festival


The Sydney Fringe Festival runs from September 1st to 30th every year.

We also present events year-round through advocacy for the arts, artist residency programs and advocate for the independent arts sector year round.




Is The Sydney Fringe Festival accessible for people with disabilities?


We believe that art is for everyone and we strive to be as accessible a festival as possible. We welcome all visitors to Fringe Festival events and are committed to making the festival a safe and accessible. Find out more about our accessibility here.



How can I apply to participate in The Sydney Fringe Festival as a performer or artist?


We are an open-access Festival, which means anyone and everyone can apply. If you have a cabaret, a circus show,  a play, or a stand-up show. We want to hear from you. Head to our Artist Registration page for more information.



Can I volunteer at The Sydney Fringe Festival?


Absolutely! We rely on the generous work of our festival volunteers to create a safe, smooth and efficient festival. Check out this ‘Interview with a Volunteer‘ to learn more about what it means to volunteer and be part of the incredible Fringe family.



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