Why be a Sydney Fringe Venue?

So why be a Sydney Fringe Venue, in between advocating for our sector, leading discussions on Sydney’s 24-hour economy, and improving Sydneys cultural landscape we’ve been busy scouring our City for the BEST talent, buildings and partners (that’s you) to bring together. The Fringe benefits are never-ending.

In 2023, we will elevate the City as one of the best festival cities in the world. From harbourside activations to block parties that energise precincts, we’ll be setting the suburbs alight across the inner west, CBD, inner east and Western Sydney.




  • Your venue is listed in over 40,000 Sydney Fringe Guides distributed throughout Sydney, as well as 13,000+ online views every year.
  • Your venue is promoted on sydneyfringe.com through a dedicated venues page.
  • Support and advice from the Sydney Fringe team, from licensing and council approvals to venue programming and marketing.
  • Your ticketing requirements are managed with marketing via the experts at Sydney Fringe.
  • Exclusive product and promotional offers from Sydney Fringe partners.
  • Invites to a range of participant-only networking, professional development and social events for you and your staff, providing a chance to meet artists, arts workers and other venue managers from across the city.


Be a platform for presenting new work!
  • Build new, and strengthen existing audiences
  • Work with new artists and facilitate further links and networks with artists
  • Provide a supportive platform and greatly needed performance space for local artists
Create a unique experience for audiences
  • Use the fringe as an opportunity to showcase your year-round programming
  • Test out new performance spaces
  • Gain experience in hosting arts events
Increase awareness of your venue
  • We’re the highest-profile event on in independent arts calendar.
  • With 39 million pairs of eyes cast over Sydney fringe advertising in 2022, we’re the most visible single event for independent artists and venues.
  • Increase the visibility of your venue to a whole new audience by joining the fray.
We’re a multi-art festival!
  • Use the fringe as an opportunity to develop, test and explore new programming streams and to host different art forms.
  • Dive into some of the awesome projects we have been part of these last few years.
Fringe Footprint is expanding!
  • Join us as the festival expands into Western, Northern and South Sydney. We are Sydney’s fringe festival. And that means all of Sydney.
  • We are Sydney’s festival and we LOVE Sydney,
  • We are committed to year-round advocacy work to grow and strengthen the culture and nightlife of our city.  Join us as we invest in the cultural life of our vibrant global city.