Art In Isolation

The Great And Powerful Oz(zie) rehearsals, Art In Isolation 2020, Image: Clare Hawley

From September to December 2020 The Sydney Fringe provided a home and much-needed funds to artists across Performance, Writing and Visual Art – helping to get artists back to work.

Art In Isolation residencies provided a space for artists to house their creativity after the ravaging effects of COVID.


Art in Isolation lived in our headquarters at 5 Eliza Street Newtown thanks to Government partner the Inner West Council and our Sydney Fringe Donors.

Over four months in 2020, we provided 18 artists with paid residencies to create work for our 2021 festival. This investment came at a time when many independent artists had slipped through the cracks of Government support during the Covid crisis and were facing incredibly difficult times. It is an absolute honour to have been able to provide them not only a safe space to create work in, but the means to do so.

The 2020 project provided support to four playwrights, four visual artists, nine performing artists, and one multi-disciplinary video artist, from September-December 2020.

Two further residencies supporting artists to make pop-up/roving performances for outdoor spaces inspired by the places and stories of our Inner West were in residence in early 2021.